how many times do you think you’ve seen the same bird twice.

out of all the things on this website that have fucked me up this is one of the worst





Starfish feeding on a dead whale.

i’ve never been scared of starfish until this moment

look at that creepy, tall, dancing one

look at him

‘yes, my darlingssssss
‘feed to your hearts content’

‘feast on what is rightfully ours’

‘feast, thrive— soon, we will conquer all‘ 

you have some unresolved issues



















The homestuck fandom has over 1.1 million ships please name me a fandom that has more

I may.

Naruto, haveing 858 characters, (supporting, main, villan, ect,) Has a total pairing combination of 14904014355327162476555290414328719424370128465209622513945548240847934453517987532148538153540680560000064734232283446435089427096149665602683207094084076919437568780781674533990674708553852908863094935934425681787866290855836589989534154069534260902769719177005700713150643170742912223567235767456946909998701714246561169357179794660009372216790712635927908803061483068757053443642328292140398525196245951616698273363942063983865442455468091814841853923197406628460446564578577231324887109364979694973483656067013970418278117444265651463246673600056740864376135532788898566484074712359391719819620226390006681808672718208241770714822933732439310720565548522984043584729897267752370521638075370533586310537591285401411978299062149197718011828543676493608251270910659455861816163839586663800739929111942602252170879317848639815066626069268423494994624712256656800764006924083618292789440318736919989956450388885100494577677227359046085594775826159464156994326712059008200411898532440682019645143888162872496534840053414360829011371341382197001749347773067125463151516101757270551449243805990219063787628122745386098779331417184953541411802153653313952394616555575130883772093666250057443240402551950849226868816714489789910496541429688574585166182747099742256471834589658552207637639962661377426983147653440082047963985381203919376287055656960042865075997942802285209992540074280690592325450547459912432340064404723474682537642453042155553062152161257609838041689124001588004584666505844064756521527467629412489118483447368895281965982832185962135332027885614216230737968557017497845060578576363400418280022372768490591414615098722832599773244521811771479227182744227498528022201217031852503426806952669973497170997422351792858644688160968923410100223999281164522777904218815486835571438106050182763260271202774859181019721314202128358815403704013678664490612692608908463548984227703422501687783158265176454931216194465026708087400038400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 And that’s not ENTIRELY accurate. Now, the number of pairings doesn’t make a series great, its the story itself that makes it great. However, if a shipping war were to break out between Homestuck and Naruto, if we went by the number of possible ships, Naruto would win. By a LANDSLIDE. 

There is 840 Homestuck characters, not including alternate timeline versions of characters, and tricksters, and many others, and that is only listing the characters who have a full wiki page. Not including selfcest, there are an infinite amount of ships, because you can not only ship them in love, but in Homestuck, you can ship them in moiraillegiance, kismesitude, and auspisticeship, which is OT3s. Naruto may have 18 extra characters, but we have four seperate ways we can ship each ship! And for auspisticising, each three of the characters involved can play the part of the auspistice! Homestuck has infinite ways to ship, and sorry, but would beat Naruto.



your move naruto

I’m sensing a lot of sexual tension between these two fandoms right now.

Naruto ships possible = (858 * 857) =


Homestuck ships possible (don’t forget, four romances, one tri-relational) = (840 * 839 * 3) + (840 * 839 * 838) =


What math were YOU doing?

Alex you wonderfully saucy bastard you.

Wait, you are actually forgetting that in Homestuck it is possible for a person to be shipped with themselves (Karkat for example is in a kismesis relationship with his past/future selves). This brings the real total of number of ships closer to (840^2 * 3) + (840^3) = 


This is of course assuming that each character is only capable of having 4 types of ships.  If we factor in charms (which is the Leprechaun romance system) there are 9 types of relationships. However, it is clearly stated that Leprechauns can be in more than 1 charm with another Leprechaun. That means that the total number of combinations of relationships that a Leprechaun can have is :

image = 


There are 14 known Leprechauns in Homestuck meaning that the total number of possible “Leprechaun Only” relationships in Homestuck is (14*14*511) = 


So we add that number to the previous total for 594,820,800 + 100,156 = 


However, this is assuming that only Leprechauns can be in these types of relationships. If we assume that all characters can additionally be in these types of relationships (which I understand is a big assumption, but the fandom will probably ship everything possible anyway) then we need to add a few more numbers.

(840 * 840 * 511) =


I am going to add this to the first total I came up with so as not to include the Leprechauns twice. So the grand total number of ships possible in Homestuck assuming that every character can be in both Troll and Leprechaun relationships (but not both at the same time) is:

594,820,800 + 360,561,600 = 


So yeah…

hey every nepeta ever

start on that wall

woah, woah, woah. hold the phone right there Homestuck. you claim to have roughly 955,382,400 ships (plus any from the newer chapters and such), but let’s see how you applied that

currently, Homestuck has about 12.1K stories on

however, Naruto has oh only about 350K.

Now, both fandoms has other websites to post fic on, but naruto rules over minor sites too.

and now my favorite part, popularity. if you ask anyone what naruto is, chances are they will answer “Believe it!” or something stupid like that. ask someone about homestuck, they probably wont know what that is unless its really popular around your area

so take your little spitting contest outside until you catch up to the Naruto fandom, you little piece of shit

Red Bobblehead Bunny